The Origin of a Name

When I decided to start a blog, I had a lot of trouble choosing a name. I wanted it to be something that meant something to me, and I didn’t want a name that was flip or too “cute” (I didn’t think that would fit my goal for the blog or my tone). Several great ideas I had were already taken, so I decided to turn to some of my favorite books for inspiration. Continue reading “The Origin of a Name”

The Joy of Cooking at Home

Something I decided to do when I got serious about eating healthier and spending less money was relying less on convenience foods. Last year I did a pretty good job cutting out delivery and eating out, but I was still such a sucker for higher priced items at the grocery store—the “oven ready” kits, the fresh sushi in the prepared foods section, the artisan bread loaves that always smell so tempting…the list goes on. In January, I resolved to cut back on these and make as much from scratch as possible.  Continue reading “The Joy of Cooking at Home”

Side Hustling FTW.

One of my goals that I’m talking about in this blog is Financial Independence. This one means a lot to me. When I graduated college, I spent money a little too freely. I needed a new wardrobe for my new life as a professional, I needed new furniture, I needed fun things and dinners out and travel. I needed to adopt not one, but TWO new animals (for a total of 3). And now, three years later, I’m stepping back and asking myself how I can be more strategic about getting to my financial goals because I’ve taken the time to figure out exactly what those goals are.


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Welcome Winter!

I absolutely love when the weather turns cold. I spent most of the weekend running both my dryer and my oven in a futile attempt to delay turning on my heat. I had to finally cave Saturday evening, but the effort was worth it! All my laundry is done, and my house is full of baked goods and roasted vegetables. Sounds like a win to me.

(Also, in an attempt to find an awesome winter photo for this post, this one below was one of the first that showed up in my search. And nothing can possibly beat a chipmunk in a knitted hat, so I decided to roll with it. Isn’t it cute??)

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Hello world!

Hello World! My name is Elizabeth. I’ve decided to start this blog to document my efforts for self-growth. I’ve been taking steps to improve my life, and I thought it would be helpful for myself (and maybe for some strangers on the internet) if the journey was documented. So here it goes!

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